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Microsoft Azure Management

Transform Microsoft Azure Logs Into Critical Business, Operational, and Security Insights

Why Sumo Logic for Azure Log Management?

Deep Analytics, Simplified

See trends in user behavior, resource performance patterns, activities by location, and other vital data in user-friendly data visualizations.

Improve Troubleshooting and Security

Continuously monitor Azure cloud performance and security logs to instantly diagnose and address critical issues before they impact your users.

Strengthen Security and Compliance

Monitor user access, generate audit trails and see platform configurations and changes across all Azure and on-premise workloads to demonstrate compliance.

Azure Audit Log and Active Directory Analytics

As a cloud-native PaaS solution for Azure, Sumo Logic makes it easy to collect and analyze Azure machine data, and gain full visibility across your applications and infrastructure. With the Sumo Logic Azure Audit Log app, you can delve deep into Azure Audit Log and Active Directory activity patterns for actionable insights. Azure monitor statistics including:

  • Activity by source location
  • Which users perform what actions, how frequently and on what resources
  • Operations and events by user
  • Events by resource over time
  • Actions and events by subscription, resource group, region, etc.
  • Failed/successful deployment, registrations, etc.

By combining Sumo Logic with Azure, you gain instant visual insights, track and correlate Azure Audit Log and Active Directory data, and integrate it with other Azure services for complete monitoring and security.

Learn more about Sumo Logic machine data analytics for Azure.

Facilitate Azure Cloud Migration

When you migrate to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, you don’t need to sacrifice visibility or control over your infrastructure and applications. Integrating Sumo Logic with Azure allows you to take in audit logs, SQL database, and app service data, collecting valuable diagnostic, performance, audit, and security information for your infrastructure and applications running in Microsoft Azure.

The complete suite of Sumo Logic solutions provides a unique set of benefits to customers.

  • Accelerating Cloud Migration: Migrate to Azure faster and with confidence by mitigating application performance risk via powerful automated metrics and log files analytics.
  • Visibility Across Hybrid Environments: Visualize and run operations and security on your workloads in real time, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis across Azure, other clouds, and on-premise environments, from the infrastructure and up to the Application stack.
  • Strengthening Security And Compliance: Monitor user access, platform configurations and changes across all Azure and on-premise workloads and generate audit trails to demonstrate compliance for PCI, HIPAA, and other regulations.

Why are so many organizations choosing Azure as their cloud platform?

Security and Compliance with Sumo Logic for Azure

Sumo Logic provides real-time insights for streamlined compliance and security to meet the challenging standards by transforming reactive, manual processes into integrated, proactive, and automated ones.

Secure your Azure Environment. Perform identification and root-cause analysis on user activity to highlight operations on resources by users that look suspicious and deviate from normal behavior patterns over time.

Maintain Compliance. Meet deadlines and reduce security risks, while also identifying potential security breaches and new threat patterns. Security teams can shift their focus back to high-value strategic initiatives and innovations, and a more proactive security posture becomes increasingly realistic.

The Sumo Logic platform meets rigorous security, privacy, and compliance standards, including:

  • PCI DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1 Certification
  • ISO 27001
  • HIPAA Attestation
  • SOC 2 Type II Attestation
  • GDPR

Learn more about the robust security and compliance capabilities of Sumo Logic.

More Azure Log Analysis Tools from Sumo Logic

Feed your Microsoft Azure Audit Logs and Active Directory information into the Sumo Logic service to track and monitor your Azure infrastructure for operational and security insights. Within minutes, receive real-time alerts on suspicious user activity.

Ingest your Azure web server and application diagnostic logs directly into the Sumo Logic continuous intelligence service to monitor and visualize the health of your Web Apps environment.

Monitor, audit, and analyze O365 logs easily and in real-time with Sumo Logic’s cloud-based data analysis app. Simple dashboards and robust analytics tools provide unparalleled insight into your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Leverage Sumo Logic’s machine data analytics platform and search capabilities to monitor your Azure Network and NSG flow logs to provide real-time visibility and analysis of your network traffic.

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