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Accelerate Cloud

The Cloud Adoption Challenge

Cloud computing presents economic and business benefits that today’s enterprise cannot ignore.  In order to successfully compete, enterprises require a strategy that delivers a unified approach for the visibility and management of new cloud applications, as well as tools to accelerate the migration from on-premise to cloud deployments.

Leveraging machine data can significantly accelerate an organization’s cloud strategy.  Through effectively harnessing machine data, organizations gain needed visibility into applications and infrastructure hosted in the cloud.  They are able to correlate cloud and on-premise data sets and are be able to monitor availability and performance across all environments.

However, with the explosive growth in the volume, variety, and velocity of machine data, enterprises today cannot keep up with the data deluge and are therefore unable to transform their data into insights.  To accelerate cloud adoption, enterprises need a solution that is capable of scaling to handle the volume of data generated and robust enough to transform that data into insights.

Leveraging machine data can significantly accelerate an organization’s cloud strategy.  Through effectively harnessing machine data, organizations gain needed visibility into applications and infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

Sumo Logic enables enterprises to accelerate their cloud strategy through the following features:

  • Single solution for on-premise and cloud application logs and API data
  • Cloud-based machine data architecture
  • Anomaly Detection and LogReduce machine learning analytics for real-time detection of events
  • Ability to filter out and/or mask sensitive, private data
  • Elastic scalability to address seasonal customer demands

Accelerating Cloud Strategy with Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic helps enterprises accelerate their cloud strategy by offering an automated, easy, and rapid development and deployment process for cloud-based applications. Organizations using Sumo Logic shorten their time to achieve their cloud strategy, thereby rapidly improving market share and revenue. In addition, these organizations improve their application uptime, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

The Sumo Logic Advantage

To solve the real-time customer insights challenge, Sumo Logic has developed the first true next-generation machine data analytics platform, delivered as a cloud-based service. With this approach, Sumo Logic is fundamentally redefining the process by which IT and business harness the value of machine data.

Customers using the Sumo Logic service benefit from a number of unique capabilities:

Operational Ease:

Sumo Logic can be deployed in as little as 15 minutes, with zero operational overhead.  As a cloud-based service, Sumo Logic handles all operational burden, reducing Total Cost of Ownership as well as freeing up customers’ resources to focus on critical business and IT issues.

Big Data Scalability:

Sumo Logic’s patented Elastic Log Processing™ is the first and only petabyte-scale indexing and analysis engine designed specifically for Big Data. Sumo Logic delivers superior scalability where on-premises solutions fail.

Advanced Analytics:

Through patent-pending LogReduce™ and Anomaly Detection technologies, Sumo Logic proactively discovers behaviors, patterns, and events hidden in massive amounts of machine data and alerts customers in real-time, delivering both IT value and business insight.

Use Sumo Logic for Free

  • Easy to deploy: Sumo Free enables you to collect and analyze logs in minutes with no hardware or storage to manage
  • Enterprise-level functionality: Sumo Free contains all the features of our enterprise-class solution
  • Perpetual usage: Sumo Free is perpetually free for up to 3 users, and offers the ability to send 500MB of data per day and retain for 7 days (total 3.5GB of data). To send additional data, add more users, or retain data for a longer period of time, easily upgrade to our enterprise version.

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“Sumo Logic brings everything together into one interface where we can quickly scan across 1,000 servers and gigabytes of logs and quickly identify problems. It’s awesome software and awesome support.”

Jon Dokuli,
VP of Engineering

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