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The Insider’s Guide to Sumo Cert Jams

What are Sumo Cert Jams?

Sumo Logic Cert Jams are one and two-day training events held in major cities all over the world to help you ramp up your product knowledge, improve your skills and walk away with a certification confirming your product mastery. We started doing Cert Jams about a year ago to help educate our users around the world on what Sumo can really do and give you a chance to network and share use cases with other Sumo Logic users. Not to mention, you get a t-shirt.

So far, we’ve had over 4,700 certifications from 2,700+ unique users across 650+ organizations worldwide. And we only launched the Sumo Cert Jam program in April!

If you’re still undecided, check out this short video where our very own Mario Sanchez, Director of the Sumo Logic Learn team, shares why you should get the credit and recognition you deserve!

Currently there are four certifications for Sumo Logic:

  • Pro User
  • Power User
  • Power Admin
  • Security User

And these are offered in a choose-your-own-adventure format. While everyone starts out with the Pro User certification to learn the fundamentals, you can take any of the remaining exams depending on your interest in DevOps (Power User), Security, or Admin.

Paths to Certification Success

Once you complete Sumo Pro User, you can choose your own path to Certification success.

For a more detailed breakdown on the different certification levels, check out our web page, or our Top Reasons to Get Sumo Certified blog.

What’s the Value?

Often customers ask me in one-on-one situations what is the value of certification, and I tell them that we have seen significant gains in user understanding, operator usage and search performance once we get users certified.

Cert Jam Delhi

Our first Cert Jam in Delhi, India with members from the Bed, Bath and Beyond team showing their certification swag!

First, there’s the ability to rise above “Mere Mortals” (those who haven’t been certified) and write better and more complex queries. From parsing to correlation, there’s a significant increase by certified users taking Pro (Level 1), Power User (Level 2), Admin (Level 3) and Security.

Certified users are taking advantage of more Sumo Logic features, not only getting more value out of their investment, but also creating more efficient/performant queries.

Create more efficient/performant queries

And from a more general perspective, once you know how to write better queries and dashboards, you can create the kind of custom content that you want. When it comes to monitoring and alerting, certified users are more likely to create dashboards and alerts to stay on top of what’s important to their organizations, further benefiting from Sumo Logic as a part of their daily workload. Here we can see that certified users show an increase in the creation of searches, dashboards and alerts, as well as key optimization features such as Field Extraction Rules (FERs), scheduled views and partitions:

Certified users show an increase in the creation of searches, dashboards and alerts

Join Us

If you’re looking to host a Cert Jam at your company, and have classroom space for 50, reach out to our team. We are happy to work with you and see if we can host one in your area.

If you’re looking for ways to get certified, or know someone who would benefit, check out our list of upcoming Cert Jams we’re offering. Don’t have Sumo Logic, but want to get started? Sign up for Sumo Logic for free!

Cert Jam in Tealium

Our Cert Jam hosted by Tealium in May. Everyone was so enthusiastic to be certified.

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