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AWS Cost Optimization Solutions

Reduce Cloud Computing Costs for Your AWS Ecosystem

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Overview: AWS Cost Optimization

The AWS Marketplace offers a large variety of commercial and open source offerings to help optimize costs within the AWS ecosystem. Sumo Logic’s AWS Marketscape looks at the pros and cons of the most common cost optimization tools and solutions from the Marketplace.

One of the most attractive aspects of cloud computing is its ‘pay as you go’ pricing model. This can dramatically cut capital expenditures and replace them with operational expenses that offer more control for the enterprise. Businesses that make the switch are liberated from the burden of acquiring, configuring, and supporting arrays of servers and related resources.

The outcome of this transformation is that their cloud computing expenditure patterns more closely resemble outlays on other utilities. This also means that—as is the case with any utility—the burden largely falls on the customer to ensure their spending stays in line with anticipated budgets.

Unfortunately, cloud computing is particularly prone to expensive surprises, largely driven by its dynamic nature and how easy it is to initiate and then lose track of supplementary resources. Read on to learn more about cost optimization solutions for the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

AWS Cost Optimization Solutions and Tools

AWS offers two primary mechanisms for customers to understand and hone their cloud computing consumption: built-in billing and the AWS Trusted Advisor.

The built-in billing system for AWS provides fine-grained visibility into all expenses but doesn’t make any recommendations on how to control them.

The more interesting solution is the AWS Trusted Advisor. Trusted Advisor supplies valuable insights by inspecting the AWS environment and making actionable recommendations regarding performance, security, fault tolerance, and cost optimization. It is available in a baseline configuration, as well as a configuration with more comprehensive capabilities for customers paying for business- or enterprise-level support. To make its expense management suggestions, AWS Trusted Advisor evaluates dozens of factors pertaining to compute, storage, database, networking, and security.

AWS Cost Optimization Pricing

Amazon makes AWS Trusted Advisor available at no extra charge to all customers with Business-level or Enterprise-level support.

AWS Cost Optimization Limitations

While the AWS Marketplace solutions are a great start and a helpful contribution toward keeping cloud computing costs in line, most enterprises manage intricate budgeting processes that must align their business with what they’re spending on cloud computing. This includes breaking down the cost, aligning with business units, factoring in amortization, and making predictions about future outlays.

To address this need, several products tailored for cloud management and accounting now incorporate AWS metrics into their calculations.

Third Party Solutions for Cost Optimization

Available in a variety of pricing models (including tiered levels or AWS usage), these cloud-hosted applications integrate many other aspects of the IT landscape, along with all major AWS products. They’re aimed at technical users as well as business users, provide instant alerts when cost thresholds are exceeded, and enable much more accurate expense forecasting.

Third Party Cost Optimization Features

Charge allocation to business units Rich dashboards and reports Drill down on any expense Expense forecasting
User-defined cost thresholds Guidance on AWS expenditures such as reserved instances Automatic, real-time alert generation

Third Party Cost Optimization Software and Apps

Company Name Summary
Batchly/Cmpute Batchly/Compute is a cloud scale data processing service that abstracts AWS infrastructure management complexities and enables businesses to easily run their data/batch processing jobs on AWS. Its machine learning algorithm identifies the right instance family and size to run the data processing workload and optimizes for cost and time (using AWS spot instances).
CloudCheckr Cloudcheckr makes Reserved Instance recommendations for EC2, RDS, and other AWS services. It identifies oversized and idle resources, provides automated billing reports, and examines granular details of the AWS spend. With RI rebalancing and other automated features, CloudCheckr ensures optimal AWS spend.
Cloud Cruiser Cloud Cruiser is a cloud software solution architected from the ground up to transform IT data into business meaning to help maximize the value of cloud investments. It supports all major providers and offers a consolidated, holistic view across all of them.
CloudHealth CloudHealth is IT service management for the cloud, enabling optimization and governance for cost, utilization, performance and security. CloudHealth is the aggregation point where all data comes together in one place to facilitate cloud management and reporting.
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