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AWS Capacity Planning

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Overview: AWS Capacity Planning

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace offers a large variety of commercial and open source offerings to augment capacity planning within the AWS ecosystem. Sumo Logic’s AWS Marketscape looks at the pros and cons of the most common capacity planning tools and solutions from the Amazon Marketplace.

Scalability and high performance are two of the biggest reasons why enterprises move applications to the cloud. However, realizing these benefits is only possible if architects and administrators allocate the right mixture of cloud-based resources to power their infrastructure.

This is much harder than it might appear at first: provision too much, and the business will be saddled with unnecessary expenses; provision too little, and bottlenecks and even outages will result. Consequently, operations staff must juggle many variables when composing their cloud computing landscape, factoring in utilization peaks and valleys, seasonal factors, promotions, and unplanned external events.

Fortunately, cloud providers like AWS offer resources and techniques to help make this important job easier.

AWS Capacity Planning Solutions and Tools

AWS Trusted Advisor inspects the entire AWS environment and makes human-readable recommendations regarding sealing security gaps, controlling cost, enhancing system performance, and strengthening reliability. Administrators are free to apply these proposals at their own pace, which can be a significant part of ongoing capacity planning efforts.

On the other hand, AWS Lambda represents Amazon’s innovative take on the prevailing trend towards serverless architectures, making it possible to run code without needing to provision or manage servers.

Instead, developers simply upload their application logic, and AWS Lambda handles everything that’s necessary behind the scenes to instantiate the exact number of computational resources necessary to deliver a highly available, scalable application. This transforms the job of capacity planning by shifting it from administrators to Amazon.

AWS Capacity Planning Pricing

Amazon offers compelling pricing packages for its capacity planning tools:

  • AWS Trusted Advisor is available at no extra charge to customers with Business-level or Enterprise-level support.
  • AWS Lambda is priced by the request, with a generous allotment of free requests before charges commence.

AWS Capacity Planning Limitations

The Amazon Marketplace has a diverse, well thought-out collection of technologies that ensure performance and scalability for their customers, particularly those that have standardized on AWS. However, many other organizations have deployed cloud computing environments that blend public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms, commonly spanning offerings from multiple vendors.

While helpful, Amazon’s capacity planning tools don’t factor in these alternatives, which has created a need for independent, third party capacity planning suppliers.

Third Party Solutions for Capacity Planning

These cloud-hosted products—which offer a variety of flexible pricing models like tiered or node-based costs—aggregate volumes of operational metrics from across the customer’s entire cloud computing landscape, including heterogeneous vendors, regions, and instance types. They then combine these results with the total cost of ownership and pricing plans to make intelligent suggestions in preparation for new migrations to the cloud, along with rebalancing assets in existing deployments.

For modern enterprises fielding a diverse array of cloud computing technologies, the optimal capacity planning approach may be to employ one or more AWS products for automatic provisioning, while looking to platform-independent third party solutions for cross-platform concerns.

Third Party Capacity Planning Features

Analyze public, private, and hybrid clouds Provide a consolidated view of entire cloud landscape Aggregate information from many dimensions (e.g. region, service provider, instance type)
Customizable dashboards Fine-grained visibility into resources such as compute, storage, and network Intelligent data-driven planning and forecasting
Assess capacity based on anticipated real-world workloads Support for tags

Third Party Capacity Planning Software and Apps

Company name Summary
Cloudamize A cloud infrastructure analytics platform that helps make data-driven decisions with ease and confidence throughout the entire cloud journey. Actively manages the cloud deployment to ensure that the cloud configuration is always right-sized and right-priced.
Cloudlyn A right-sizing solution that monitors the cloud deployment over time and provides optimization recommendations for maintaining the most efficient deployment—cost- and performance-wise.
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