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HIPAA Compliance Simplified

Use the Power Sumo Logic Analytics to Stay HIPAA Compliant

Who Needs to Be HIPAA Compliant?

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Complying with HIPAA regulations requires detailed record keeping.

Pharmacy networks, third-party billing, electronic medical records, referrals – many of the medical establishments in this country run on shared data. In the wake of numerous security breaches involving health records and medical data, it has become absolutely critical for healthcare organizations and their business partners to ensure that they maintain compliance with HIPAA at all times. However, with the kind of record keeping and maintenance involved in the compliance process, this can be easier said than done.

The HIPAA Compliance Challenge

For organizations that handle protected health information, HIPAA compliance demands IT infrastructure and advanced strategies for protection against data privacy risks. Compliant organizations need to be prepared for an investigation of potential security breaches. And this means maintaining an audit trail that provides key information about any event:

  • What occurred
  • When it occurred
  • What caused it

HIPAA audits require log data retention, routine reviews, and reporting on specific activity within your infrastructure. To comply, you must retain and secure ever-larger activity logs, all while adapting to evolving regulation. Compliant log management proves a challenge due to the sheer size and types of data, and organizations must have log management tools to help them automate audits and demonstrate their compliance.

A Log Management Solution for HIPAA

Sumo Logic’s audited Log Management and Analytics platform helps you meet your HIPAA compliance log retention requirements by preparing you for your HIPAA Compliance Audit. It automates your compliance process by handling:

  • Collection
  • Centralization and storage
  • Searching
  • Analysis of all data sources

Sumo Logic is a cloud-native data analytics service that makes it simple for you to get up and running quickly. No need to scale your hardware, deal with restoring log data or backups, or acquire long-term storage.

Real-time reporting and search capabilities help you quickly demonstrate that you retain activity logs and perform routine analysis, per HIPAA requirements. Security and compliance officers can easily tag or categorize sources of log data for regulation-specific investigations and reporting.

Key Features of Sumo Logic for HIPAA Compliance

Sumo Logic offers four features that will help you stay HIPAA compliant.

1) Automate and demonstrate compliance

Automatically generate audit-ready compliance reports from within event logs. Demonstrate compliance with pre-built searches, real-time dashboards, and pre-defined reports. You can also easily run queries in seconds to respond to auditor requests.

2) Get visibility across all services

Simplify audits of all your cloud and on-premise environments through a single pane of glass. Strengthen your security posture with a composite view of the full application stack, including network, server, microservices, and applications.

3) Retain HIPAA logs

Sumo Logic helps enterprises become more compliant by storing and managing all log data related to regulatory compliance, enabling more targeted and customizable analysis and reporting required by today’s auditors.

4) Manage security

Sumo Logic is the only cloud-based log management service to carry the SOC 2 attestation and ensure audit log retention for the required time. We offer a number of security capabilities, enabling organizations to:

  • secure hipaa compliance

    Sumo Logic is is designed to ensure HIPAA compliance.

    Detect anomalous network, system, and user behavior to augment in-house security expertise

  • Automatically check technical controls against the Industry Standard NIST 800-66
  • View PHI data and how it is being protected

Amazon Flow Logs for HIPAA Compliance

Are you confident that your Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance is HIPAA-compliant? Are your HIPAA compliance checks automated or largely manual? How do you ensure that your checks meet the industry standard NIST 800-66?

Amazon Web Services practices a shared security model for HIPAA and other compliance requirements. While AWS manages security of the cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. Customers retain control of what security they choose to implement to protect their own content, platform, applications, systems, and networks, no differently than they would for applications in an on-site datacenter. That is why companies are turning to log management solutions to assist with their own cloud HIPAA compliance.

If you use Amazon Web Services, you can leverage VPC Flow logs to help secure your protected health information (PHI) and create an audit trail. It’s easy to create a Flow Log on a VPC, a subnet, or an elastic network interface (ENI) in your account to get full visibility into PHI flowing through your network.

Amazon Flow Logs capture:

  • Allowed and denied traffic (based on security group and network ACL rules)
  • Source and destination IP addresses
  • Ports
  • IANA protocol number
  • Packet and byte counts
  • Time interval when the flow was observed
  • Actions (ACCEPT or REJECT)

That is why many companies rely on log analytics. Log analytics can collect, centralize, and analyze multiple log files in real-time. This provides you with cross-platform visibility critical for troubleshooting complex problems and identifying suspect user behavior.

You can dig deeper into log analytics by starting with Sumo Logic. Sumo Logic has created an Sumo Logic App for VPC Flow specifically – supporting integration via CloudWatch API, Kinesis or Lambda – as well as other Amazon apps. Its dashboard and search capability allow you to troubleshoot problems quickly across your full application stack.

HIPAA Compliance and Security for Cloud Services

Sumo Logic’s cloud-native data analytics service securely delivers continuous visibility into cloud applications. This gives users the productivity and freedom they desire while you maintain the visibility needed to manage audits and compliance.

Our commitment to data security and privacy makes Sumo Logic the only cloud-based log management solution able to demonstrate the ability to operate within a HIPAA-regulated environment (as well as the only cloud-based log management service to carry a SOC 2 attestation, the replacement for the venerable SAS70).

Sumo Logic enables you to:

  • Understand how your users are adopting the cloud application
  • See what reports and documents are getting most used
  • Gain visibility into compromising user actions and behaviors
  • Understand who is logging into the service and from where
  • Investigate changes made by administrators
  • View Failed/Valid login attempts
  • Identify anomalous activity that might suggest compromised credentials or malicious insider activity

Not only does Sumo Logic help you meet your compliance requirements, but Sumo Logic itself is audited for HIPAA/HITECH compliance every year.

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