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Root Cause Analysis

Isolate Issues. Determine Root Cause. Repair.

Root cause analysis, or pinpointing the source of IT problems, is becoming increasingly complex as companies embrace new architectures and release code more frequently. Sumo Logic’s machine data analytics platform speeds root cause analysis in complex, modern applications using machine data (logs and metrics).

Learn How Sumo Is Unifying Logs and Metrics

Challenges with Root Cause Analysis Tools

Traditional root cause analysis tools were build to handle small volumes of data managed by siloed teams. Modern revenue-generating applications, new architectures and cross-functional organizations require a new set of management tools that can quickly troubleshoot problems in complex applications. Here are three common challenges with today’s root cause analysis tools.

Multiple Sources of Truth

Data is ingested into multiple tools, creating multiple sources of truth and inability to gain a common view into problems.

Siloed Teams

Engineering and Ops teams often rely on different tools and processes for problem resolution. Development often struggles to gain real-time access to production data.

Reactive Mode

Many companies operate mainly in reactive mode. When problems occur, they often are forced to pull in resources across IT in war room scenarios to resolve a single problem.


Sumo Logic’s root cause analysis capabilities help reduce the mean time to repair problems (MTTR) in modern applications by:

  • Isolating faster: Outlier detection quickly uncovers hidden root causes in modern applications across all layers of the application and infrastructure stack, including containers.
  • Diagnosing Root Cause: In many cases, teams will reboot a server to remediate an issue. However, this is a quick fix and not a permanent solution. Sumo Logic helps you quickly identify the root cause.
  • Resolving the Problem: Once you resolve the underlying issue you can effectively prevent the problem from recurring and improve availability.

A Single Version of Truth

Machine data is a comprehensive source of information and, with advanced analytics, can be used effectively by multiple teams to diagnose root cause in real time.

  • Correlate across multiple data sources: Drill down into the root cause of the issue faster by viewing all your log data in the context of time-series metrics.
  • Collaborate Across Teams: Use a common set of data and analytic tools to identify problems quickly. Empower DevOps and developers to resolve code and usability problems in production through real-time access and Live Tail.

Faster Root Cause Analysis

Sumo Logic improves your root cause analysis processes by applying machine learning across your logs and metrics across the modern application lifecycle.

Our cloud-native platform helps you:

  • Increase uptime and meet service level agreements (SLAs): Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to detect outliers, patterns and anomalies to accelerate problem resolution.
  • Improve software quality: By quickly isolating and diagnosing issues from code to container, you can release better performing applications faster than ever.
  • Monitor customer behavior to drill down into suspicious activity and identify security threats.

Why Choose Sumo Logic

  • Outlier and Anomaly Detection: Sumo Logic has developed advanced analytics using statistical models and patented algorithms to reduce millions of log files and metrics into meaningful patterns and isolate outliers and anomalies in real-time.
  • Cloud Native: Because Sumo Logic is multi-tenant, elastic and scalable, there is no need to provision additional resources or manually request additional capacity in order to support spikes in machine data volumes.
  • Unified Logs and Metrics: Sumo Logic applies advanced analytics and visualization to logs and time-series metric data so you can correlate and drill down in context, allowing you accelerate root cause analysis and problem resolution.

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“Sumo Logic brings everything together into one interface where we can quickly scan across 1,000 servers and gigabytes of logs and quickly identify problems. It’s awesome software and awesome support.”

Jon Dokuli,
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